Say Ello! We’re on it!

When Berger & Fohr announced they were working on Ello – it seemed exciting and something worth while. I knew of the duo having gone to college in Denver, and once upon a time hanging out at their old studio. Since then Denver start-ups have spawned and I continued to hop around continents. Ello has gained fame and speculation since it launched. As we continue to explore, find old friends, designers we love, etc, find us there  as we share and plug along. It’s social sharing for creatives – so why not!!

Off the Record / Film by Laura Sans

My good friend Laura Sans worked on her documentary / Off the Record and is now available to view. As a personal project she took to fulfil a dialogue of opinions aimed at the design & visual arts world. It pours on relevant topics with ideas in each that will relate to each of us. Watch this film that Laura hopes you personally enjoy and take something out of it.

5 Design Tumblr blogs we love & follow

Tumblr has lots of inspiration yet you can get carried away with its plethora of findings. Here are some blogs I follow on Tumblr – some of these designers I also follow on twitter so always nice to see their work and how they continue to grow their personal work and thoughts.

Alex Griendling  

Amazing pixel illustrations & personal work of Alex Griendling